SQL Developer

SQL Developer

Job Description

Alibaba is looking for a talented SQL Developer to help us improve and expand our rapidly-growing products.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Database Architecture - Design and develop highly efficient, robust, and scalable database architecture on an MS SQL Server platform
  • Query Authoring - Construct complex optimized MS SQL stored procedures in support of higher level applications and analysis tools
  • Data Intake Process Design - Create and automate reliable processes which handle regular and frequent extracts, transformations, and loads of large volumes of data from a wide variety of external sources
  • Standards and Guidance - Develop, contribute to, and improve our standard database development and architecture practices and styles.
  • Performance Optimization - Monitor, detect, and correct poor performing queries and processes. Optimize overall database performance through intelligent indexing, partitioning, normalization, process redesign, and performance tuning.

Pros of working in Alibaba:

  • Don't worry about your income, we update our payments according to the job market
  • We pay for your development plans.
  • We provide all the gadgets and devices you need for work (Except for Apple Watch!)
  • You won't be isolated in your team, we believe anyone in Alibaba can collaborate for the team's winning!
  • If there is a Coolest Office Competition, we may win the Gold medal
  • You can have breaks in relaxing areas and help yourself to some drinks and fruits
  • We believe diversity brings creativity.
  • We don't believe in HW (Hard Working!). We believe in HHW (Happily Hard Working!) so we'll have lots of fun alongside the work.


  • Over 3 years of experience.
  • BS or MS in Computer Science, or similar degree.
  • Excellent understanding of T-SQL programming.
  • Ability to develop and optimize complicated queries.
  • Develop, implement and optimize stored procedures and functions using T-SQL.
  • Experience in the design and development.
  • Familiar with Database administration concepts.
  • Proficient in Query Performance Tuning.
  • Understanding of microservice architectures and common networking concepts.
  • Familiarity with application development using technologies like C#, XML, JSON.

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