Senior HR Generalist

Senior HR Generalist

Job Description

● Reach out to potential candidates and build relationships for job opportunities.
● Ensure communication with candidates is prompt and professional at all stages.
● Oversee and coordinate all hiring stages from sourcing to onboarding.
● Provide support to employees in various HR-related topics such as leaves and compensation and resolve any issues that may arise.
● Assist in the design and implementing development programs.
● Produce and submit reports on general HR activity.
● Participate in suggest new procedures and policies to continually improve the efficiency of the HR services as a whole, and to improve the employee experience.
● Maintain knowledge of trends, best practices, regulatory changes, and new technologies in human resources, talent management, and employment law.


● Have a growth mindset and hunger for continuous learning
● Be flexible enough in different situations.
● Be outcome-driven.
● Have bias for action.
● Communicates effectively (e.g. Active Listening, Feedback, Managing Negotiations, etc.).
● Be a great team player.
● Have accountability (The obligation or willingness to be answerable for an outcome. Follow through on commitments and make sure others do the same.)
● Have business acumen.

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