Senior Legal Specialist

Senior Legal Specialist

Job Description

- Drafts and reviews agreements and documents assuring that respective legal policies and strategies followed.

- Provide legal advice and consultation on legal and compliance matters to ensure adherence to company policies as well as Iran laws and regulations.

- Leads or assists with the resolution of contractual disputes.

- Considering key legal topics including liability, indemnities, intellectual property, data protection, and standard form of contracts.

- Thorough investigation and research regarding all delegated matters and submission of legal opinion in line with internal and binding policies and regulations.

-Draft minutes, control, and submit the company's formal changes

- Attending a meeting incapacity of a legal representative with various internal and external parties and providing legal analysis, drafting legal documents, and minutes.

- Preparing, drafting and reviewing various types of legal letters and similar documents including notices, warnings, revocation/termination, declarations, etc.

- Monitors contract expiration or renewal dates and ensure archives, systems and database are well maintained and organized.

- Assisting the Legal team in various referred matters.


- Solid understanding of legal and international contractual terminology.

-At least a Master Degree in law (Graduation from reputable state universities is a plus);

-Lawyer’s (Bar) Association License is a plus;

- Minimum of 5 years relevant experience;

- Have good computer skills and knowledge of common programs such as Microsoft Office;

- Team-oriented and highly motivated with excellent organizational skills;

- Strong ability of time management and attention to details;

- Good Knowledge of English;

Benefits :

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