Machine Learning Engineer

Machine Learning Engineer

Job Description

We are looking for a Machine Learning Engineer to enable our teams to work effectively.

In Alibaba, we believe we can influence the workplace culture of Iran by promoting Integrity, Authenticity, Commitment to something beyond ourselves and Respectful dialogue, and you can be a part of this building procedure.

  • Efficiently extract large scale complex business data (time-series data, structured/unstructured) from various data sources and prepare them for data analytics
  • Develop highly scalable algorithms based on state-of-the-art machine learning and neural network methodologies.
  • Work on a variety of software engineering tasks related to development and deployment of algorithms for prediction, classification, forecasting, etc


  • M.Sc. or PhD in computer science or a related field.
  • 4+ years of professional experience as a data scientist, machine learning and software engineer.
  • Strong skills and experience with developing production-grade software.
  • Experience with sequential data modelling, time-series analysis, deep learning, and multi-modal learning algorithms.
  • Good understanding of common families of models, feature engineering, feature selection and other practical machine learning issues.
  • Able to train and debug deep learning systems: Defining metrics and datasets, performing error analysis, training models in a modern DL framework (such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras, etc.)
  • Fluency in a scripting or computing language (e.g. Python, C++, etc.)
  • Understands source code control tools (GIT is ideal and what we use)

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