Senior Front-End Developer

Senior Front-End Developer

Job Description

Alibaba is looking for a Senior Front-End Developer to help us improve and expand our rapidly-growing products.

In Alibaba, we believe we can influence the workplace culture of Iran by promoting Integrity, Authenticity, Commitment to something beyond ourselves and Respectful dialogue, and you can be a part of this building procedure.

  • Write reusable, testable and maintainable code.
  • Code review is one of his/her most important daily tasks.
  • Establish and maintain a productive collaboration with the UI/UX team, back-end developers, product owners and mainly the CTO.
  • Find simple and efficient solutions for difficult problems while being creative.
  • Ability to assess the fit of the technologies in the existing context.


  •  3+ years of experience in front-end/JavaScript development 
  •  Experience with HTML5 and the semantic web
  •  Extensive experience with CSS, CSS preprocessors, responsive design and a mobile-first mindset
  •  Deep knowledge of JavaScript (ES6/ES7)
  •  2+ years of experience with modern JavaScript frameworks/libraries (e.g. Vue.js, React.js, Angular.js, … )
  •  Familiarity with SSR (Server Side Rendering) and SEO is a plus
  •  Experience with front-end automation tools and task runners (e.g. webpack, gulp, grunt, … )
  •  Experience with functional programming concepts
  •  Experience in deploying unit and E2E tests
  •  Basic knowledge of the TDD approach when writing code
  •  Basic understanding of how Progressive Web Apps work
  •  Experience in producing maintainable code in large code bases
  •  Ability to work in an Agile (Scrum / Kanban) environment
  •  Experience with version control systems (e.g. Git)
  •  Experience with task management systems, namely JIRA and Trello
  •  Advanced in English, specifically written communications.

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