Business Manager

Business Manager

Job Description

  • Deep knowledge of aligning 4P through business objective, building a strong relationship with the marketing team to make strategic decisions for the marketing mix.
  • Familiarity with one or some strategy modelling methodologies
  • Ability to leads the end to end strategy implementation using a management system (OKR, product roadmap, release planning) throughout the business unit
  • Understanding concepts & the ability to evaluate different marketing channels (SEO, CPC, CPI, etc.)
  • Familiar with financial & budgeting concepts & KPIs (BP, P&L, cash flow, etc.)
  • Familiarity with product and business analytics concept & tools (KPI management, BI tools, etc.)
  • Ability to translate business objectives to the product development team in a transparent way using business requirement documents
  • Familiarity with product development concepts and methodologies (agile, lean, etc.)
  • Active negotiation with different external stakeholders in the business unit positioning himself/herself as an external gateway of the business unit
  • Developing procurement strategies to maximize product pc1 and increasing its working capital
  • Developing process excellence programs to reduce the overall cost per order in collaboration with the operation team


  • Being an entrepreneur by nature
  • Being the woman/man in charge
  • Having a strategic and critical thinking mindset
  • Being Result-oriented
  • Being Hunger for learning
  • Being an active listener

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